Prezentarea proiectului

The project Translating Subjectivity: style and identity in the translation of the French literature into Romanian aims to elaborate an original interdisciplinary research on the relation between subjectivityliterary translation on the basis of a relevant corpus of French literature translated into Romanian. The topic is of primary interest in the contemporary context of the research on self-knowledge and cultural identity, and the development of fields of study such as the history of translation and the critics of translation, both rather recent in the Romanian context. It is explored via a systematic study of discourse markers in translation, having as a starting point the conceptualizing of the cross-disciplinary notion of subjectivity in enunciation theories, discourse analysis and stylistic studies.

The novelty of the project consists in the study of the subjective markers (« subjectivèmes ») in translation and the importance of creativity in translating a subjective style. The research methodology is based on a synthetic approach of corpus research, comparative analysis, case study.

The working plan is structured around two main thematic axes:
1. Translating Subjectivity: the strategies of translating subjective markers which can become in certain contexts cultural referents in the construction of identity.
2. Translating as a Subjective Act: the translator’s I; the translator’s space and voice; self translation.

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