• Elaborating an original interdisciplinary research on the importance of subjectiviy in the translating process, as it is manifest in the translation of French literature into Romanian.
  • Exploring and enriching the topic of identity in the translation of French literature into Romanian through the study of the « subjectivèmes », as they are defined by the enunciation theories, discourse analysis and pragmatics.
  • Identifying and analyzing, in the light of corpus studies, the characteristics of the subjective style and the difficulties it raises in the translating process, in correlation with the translator’s creativity.
  • Redefining such concepts as cultural identity, subjectivity and intersubjectivity in translation, discussing their applicability and utility for the theory and practice of literary translation, with a possible extension towards other discourse and text types.  
  • Assessing the place of first-person literature translation in literary history and culture in a globalisation context. Analysing the literary text as a discourse type which conveys personal identity. Assessing the translator’s role in the evolution and expression of cultural identity. Enriching the Romanian Translation Studies field with an analysis of the translation practices in forst-person literary discourse.
  • Ensuring an increasing visibility on an international level of the Romanian research in Translation Studies through papers presented and published outside Romania. 
  • Developping research and organizing competences for the project manager on the basis of the collaboration with an experienced mentor, who has developped an important series of collaborations with Translation Studies scholars throughout time.

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